Premier Translation Services in Dallas

Accento, the Language Company, provides a variety of quality translation services in Dallas, Plano, Carrollton and across the Metroplex. Our accurate translations open doors around the world for businesses, government agencies and more entities striving to expand their message. Whether you’re looking to expand globally or simply reach the native language of your customers, Accento is ready to partner with you for your success. Take a look at our offered services to discover how you can interact with the world.

Our Services


Certified translators at Accento cover more than 100 languages worldwide. Our team is skilled in a range of industries, including business, advertising, law, medical science, finance, computer science, and more. This means we understand the language nuance within each industry to create natural, carefully crafted verbiage. Reach specialized audiences with our accurate translations, including technical translations and focused localization messaging.

Interpreting & Interpreting Equipment

When language is a barrier, events and formal business meetings need interpreters to facilitate communication and fully inform attendees. Accento offers valuable interpreting services for your needs, including complicated simultaneous interpretation as well as highly accurate legal interpreting. Our translation services in Dallas also include conference interpretation to reach each member of your international audience. Schedule a call with Accento today to learn more.

Language Services

Ready to take your company global? Language services from Accento enable you to craft your content from scratch in the language of your choice. Our products range from multilingual websites to simple correspondence to interact with customers and partners. Boost your marketing with our help and expand your audience with targeted, multilingual advertising abroad or within our cosmopolitan city.

Our skilled team has decades of experience in translation and multilingual language services. Want to learn more about our translation services in Dallas and beyond? Call Accento today, and see how we can help your company or personal translation needs.