Simultaneous Interpreting

Dallas Simultaneous Interpreting

Clear communication is the cornerstone for every business, which is why Dallas simultaneous interpreting services are vital for multinational meetings and events. Accento, the Language Company, has provided valuable interpretation services since 1970 to numerous Fortune 500 companies and international organizations. Our certified and licensed interpreters can help facilitate communication with ease at your next conference or seminar. Call us today to learn more.

Why Simultaneous?

The pace of today’s business and social world is faster than ever. This means every second counts, especially when those moments are used to translate and relay information in another language. Simultaneous interpreters at Accento are experienced and well-equipped to handle even the most overwhelming of events to keep every attendee at your next event feeling included and well-informed.

How Does It Work?

Our Dallas simultaneous interpreting experts are practiced in relaying accurate translations at an even pace, to keep audience members engaged, regardless of their language. Each interpreter uses a microphone and headset to listen to speakers on stage, and then feed translated statements into their own microphone. In the audience, participants will be wearing headsets or earpieces, which allow them to hear the interpreted information discreetly and keep up with the conversation in real time. By using state-of-the-art simultaneous interpreting equipment, our interpreters can ensure that nothing is left to the imagination. Every attendee will feel appreciated and valued with this extra step in communication.

Additionally, should anyone in the audience have a question, more equipment can be used to feed questions back to the interpreter to translate and submit to the main speaker. It works both ways! This heightened experience makes a world of difference to those who don’t understand the primary language at your event.

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Who Needs It?

In the past, our reliable simultaneous interpretation team has worked:

  • At International Corporate Events
  • In Government Meetings (local, state and federal)
  • With Conferences
  • As Legal Interpreters

And more! There are many situations that call for our experienced interpretation services. Our seasoned experts can accurately interpret your upcoming event for high customer satisfaction. Learn more about our wide range of services by contacting Accento today. We look forward to connecting you with your global industry and the world around you.