Accento, the Language Company

Leading Translators in Dallas

When you need expert translators in Dallas, look no further than the experienced team at Accento. We provide quality language translations, including legal, transcription, voice over and more. Our company was established in 1970 and has successfully provided services to the DFW region ever since. Some of our satisfied customers include Fortune 500 companies; federal, state and local government agencies; industry leaders and more. Accento emphasizes accurate, on-time translations for unbeatable customer satisfaction. Take a look at website and contact us to learn how we can meet your language needs.

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  • Translation in More than 100 Languages

    In this multicultural city, translators in Dallas must do their best work at a moment’s notice. Our company translates in over 100 languages with complete accuracy for clients in the United States and abroad. Our experts can also localize their translations to ensure your message meets your target audience with precision. And, with our on-time job completion and delivery, you can take your communication global, effortlessly.

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  • Interpreting Services When You Need It Most

    Reasons for needing a skilled interpreter are practically endless, and the team at Accento has seen it all. Whether you need interpreting services during a conference, for a business meeting or during an interview, our experts can help. From fast-moving simultaneous interpreting to vital legal interpreting, the friendly and talented team at Accento is ready to help.

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  • Buy or Lease Interpreting Equipment

    If you are planning a multilingual conference or another event, you will want to invest in some reliable interpreting equipment. Accento is more than a translation company — we offer access to languages around the world with interpreting equipment, as well. Check out some of our available tools to help you during your next event.

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  • Premier Language Services

    Accento offers superior language services for your business or personal needs. We specialize in translating effectively for a variety of purposes, including translating or creating copy for multilingual websites, for correspondence or other advertising needs. Take a look at our full scope of language services to get started.

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  • Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a translation service. Our translators in Dallas are ready to help you bridge the language gap for your business. Call Accento, The Language Company, at (972) 242-4500 to effectively reach customers around the world.