Carrollton Language Translation Experts

Accento, The Language Company, has provided quality Carrollton language translation since its establishment in 1970. As leaders in the DFW Metroplex, Accento employs certified translators for more than 100 languages. Our work ranges from translations for the local community to technical copy for audiences overseas or just across the border. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your language needs.

Our Translation

Translation Services

We strive to create the most accurate translations for our clients and specific needs. In the past, we have translated copy for Fortune 500 companies, local businesses and more. Accento knows Carrollton and Dallas are multicultural cities, and therefore require more than only English to effectively reach all potential buyers. Accento is here to help you bridge the gap in language or culture to fully maximize your company’s potential.

Our Carrollton translators have experience in a range of industries, from legal to medical fields. These varieties in backgrounds brings their knowledge into play as they carefully select the best word choice for your copy.

Technical Translation

Manuals, instructions and other stricter forms of copy require an attentive translation to accurately convey your needs. Accento crafts these technical translations every day to help businesses branch out and connect with consumers who hail from all around the world. No matter how popular your product or service may be, you will need accurate language to ensure no step is missed and the most precise instructions for your business are created.

Translations & Localization

As with any language, multiple dialects make it difficult to unanimously reach every speaker with a single translation. At Accento, our translators are experienced with making numerous drafts to reach these dialects – also referred to as localization. For instance, you wouldn’t provide copy made for an American audience to a distributor in the U.K. Localization pinpoints the spelling differences, as well as the variations in turns of phrase, to give your copy authentic, native wording to effectively inform consumers.

The talented team at Accento is ready to help with any of your Carrollton language translation needs. Please call us today at (972) 242-4500 and we can help you reach your full potential.