Conference Interpreting

Dallas Conference Interpreter

When you want to host a large, multinational conference, event-planning alone can be daunting, let alone coordinating interpreters for speakers of different languages. Quality language services from a licensed Dallas conference interpreter can make your next business or organization meeting a success. Accento, the Language Company, excels at using precise, fast interpreting skills to facilitate communication across the globe, or even across the boardroom. Call us to learn how our talented team can help your upcoming event.

Why Conference Interpreting?

Businesses across the globe are more interconnected than ever. Leaders in every industry come from different backgrounds and cultures. This means companies are more likely to be multilingual, which provides a variety of benefits. Different insights and ways of thinking help facilitate innovation and progress, so effective and clear communication is of utmost importance.

A Dallas conference interpreter from Accento is vital to ensure everyone in your audience is involved, in-the-know and feels appreciated. Taking the extra step of conference interpreting also means your event will benefit from this speaker’s input and feedback. After all, there’s no point in attending an event you don’t understand; easily organized interpreting services will make your next event stand out.

How Does Conference Interpreting Work?

Our Dallas conference interpreting team uses high-tech simultaneous interpreting equipment to effectively listen, translate and convey messages.
The speaker’s microphone will broadcast speech across the conference room, and to the headset of an interpreter. The interpreter will be seated in a soundproof booth to concentrate on what’s being said.

Then, the interpreter will render the message or speech in the desired language and repeat it back to select conference attendees. Audience members who need interpreting services will wear equipment – usually an earphone or headset – to listen to the interpreter. A speaker’s fast pace is no trouble to our licensed interpreters, who are practiced in a variety of interpreting services for concise communication.

If conference members have a question or a response, they can also speak to the interpreter to relay their statement. Communication isn’t a one-way street, and the experienced Accento team can ensure you and your audience gets the most out of your next event.

What are you waiting for? Organize your next event and speak with Accento for more information about our Dallas conference interpreters. We look forward to working with you to make your next meeting a success.